Winter road maintenance in new communities

When the snow flies, everyone tries their best to keep the streets safe. But how do we know when it’s our responsibility to play a part in maintaining safe and walkable communities? Find out when and how we can be doing our part to keep our communities in the safest condition.

1. Sidewalks

Homeowners According to the City of Edmonton bylaws, a person is expected to maintain any sidewalk adjacent to land they own or occupy clear of all snow and ice. For a corner lot, this includes the sidewalk adjacent to the front and to the side of the home even if there is a fence separating your lot and the walkway. Property owners are expected to remove snow and ice as soon as possible, especially during days of continuous snowfall and during freeze/thaw cycles. Failure to maintain your sidewalks could result in a $100 fine plus potentially any cleanup costs.

Builders/Developers The same rules apply to the builders/developers in a new community if they are the rightful owner of the lot. The expectation for maintenance is the same for builders/developers as it would be for homeowners, as they own the property at or before the time of construction.

City of Edmonton The City of Edmonton is responsible for clearing sidewalks that run adjacent to collector roads in communities, or sidewalks that border city owned park or green space. In a new community, the City of Edmonton assumes responsibility once the developer has received their Final Acceptance Certificates on the sidewalk infrastructure, denoting that all construction items have been inspected by the City of Edmonton and are of acceptable standard and quality. To report an area that has not been cleared to the City of Edmonton, please call 3-1-1 or submit a request through the 3-1-1 app.

2. Roadways City of Edmonton The City of Edmonton is responsible for clearing roadways in a new community once the road infrastructure has been inspected and approved. To find out when the City is scheduled to provide snow and ice control in your community, click here: //

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