Spring Community Maintenance

Every spring, when the ice and snow melt away, we may be left wondering who is responsible for the maintenance of turf, streets, and boulevards in our communities. In new communities’ developers, builders, homeowners and the City of Edmonton should be working together to ensure that proper clean up and maintenance is provided in our residential areas but, sometimes it’s hard to know where the responsibility lies. Below, we outline the different areas of spring maintenance, and how you can do your part in keeping your community looking its’ best!

Lawn Maintenance + Turf Tips for Homeowners

In residential areas, the homeowner is responsible for all turf flanking their property. This includes front yards, side yards, and even boulevards adjacent to the home as per the examples below:

Proper lawn maintenance including watering, aerating and thatch removal is recommended for healthy growth. ONE at Keswick follows the Yellow Fish Road Program whereby the use of pollutants such as fertilizer is discouraged to help prevent them entering storm drains and help protect Canada’s water. Below we have included helpful tips from the City of Edmonton to keep your lawn in top form: • Mow grass frequently to 5-6 cm height. • Provide occasional deep watering to your lawn rather than frequent light sprinkling. • Remove thatch when it is thicker than 1.5 cm. • Aerate when signs of soil compaction are evident. • Remove weeds before they form seeds. Hand pulling is the preferred method of control.

Boulevard Landscaping in Developing Areas The City of Edmonton is responsible for maintaining shrubs, tree beds, and mulch on landscaped boulevards that have achieved Final Acceptance Certificates (FAC). In newer stages, the developer may be responsible for maintaining the landscaped boulevards until they achieve FAC. If you are unsure if your home is part of a City maintained stage in the community, please use this service.

Street Sweeping in New Communities

City of Edmonton The City of Edmonton is responsible for sweeping streets, sidewalks, multi-use trails and boulevards of sand and debris that have accumulated over the winter. Please check the street sweeping map to determine when, and in which areas of ONE at Keswick, the City will be maintaining.

Builders/Developers Builders and Developers work together to scrape and sweep streets in new construction areas. If a road or street is not indicated on the City of Edmonton street sweeping map, then the responsibility falls to the builders, in partnership with the developer, to maintain the streets to a safe and standard level.

When City or Developer/Builder crews are scheduled to be in your residential area, please move your vehicles off the street so they can do a thorough job. We appreciate you working alongside us to create a positive community experience for all in ONE at Keswick.

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